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Body Geometry Fit

It’s one thing finding the right bike in the correct size, but it’s another thing getting fitted correctly. Our Body Geometry fitting service can solve this! Steveis our in-house bike fit technician, and the sessions lasting between 2 and 3 hours are £125.

The bike fit process has four main steps: Flexibility assessment & interview, Product selection, Ride analysis and the Follow up.

Flexibility Assessment & Interview

  • Cover the rider's experience and goals
  • Evaluation of the rider's stength and flexibility

Product Selection

  • Assess which products the rider needs using proprietary tools
  • Discuss options for required products 
  • Fit products 

Ride Analysis

  • Short ride in a turbo trainer 
  • Any required adjustments made here

Follow Up Session

  • Carried out after a week or two
  • Feedback on how the bike feels
  • Make any adjustments if required